SU / Students Association People

The strength of each of our students’ unions / student associations comes from our people; the staff, volunteers, trustees, and elected officers who together help to run the union for students attending their college or university.

At every student’s union/association there is an amazing team of professionals; people who support and enable the elected student leaders as they represent and serve their student members.  In some unions/associations the permanent staff team is smaller, in others larger, but all roles the in team are vital.

Based in 550 students’ unions/associations across the UK, our professional staff wake up in the morning wanting to make a difference, and they want to make that difference not just through their own actions but by supporting and empowering others.  They use their specialist skills, knowledge, and experience to support people to make change for themselves and society.

Find out more about what it’s like to develop your career in the student movement from some of the people who are already doing it:

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