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  • I’m a students’ union / student associations looking to recruit, how do I advertise a vacancy?

    Any NUS-affiliated students’ union / student associations can advertise a vacancy on this website. Non-members can also advertise a vacancy, but you may need to contact us first of all to add your Students’ Union / Student Associations to the employer drop-down list.  You must first set up a union profile by clicking ‘register’ on the homepage banner and selecting employer. Your union profile is your chance to communicate to potential candidates and find out why they would want to work as part of your team. After setting up your union profile you can then add vacancies which are automatically linked to your profile.

  • I would like to access the employer brand toolkit to help me write a new advert. Where do I find this?

    You can download the employer brand toolkit, and other recruitment and selection tools and resources for Students’ Unions / Student Associations from the HR Hub on NUS Connect.

  • I've posted a job but did not submit the job, where is it?

    When you post a job you need to submit the job for approval. If you close your browser when you are previewing the job you won’t be able to retrieve the job advert. Once you have submitted your job for approval, and we have approved the job you can edit or delete the job via your dashboard.


  • Can a Union have more than one account to post jobs?

    No, each union can have one account to manage the Union profile and post jobs. You may want to set up a shared generic email address like jobs@ or recruitment@ if more than one person needs to post jobs and manage the account.

  • As a CEO / Manager of people in a Students' Union / Student Associations, I'd like to be notified of the latest job opportunities across the sector. How can I receive notifications?

    You can set up daily or weekly job alerts direct to your inbox by registering on To do this register as a job seeker following these steps:
    1) Navigate to
    2) Select the option to register as a Job Seeker.
    3) Complete the registration process
    4) You will be taken to the job alert page. Please select ‘Add alert’
    5) Set up the alert criteria based on the alerts you would like to receive.
    6) Click ‘save alert’.
    7) Your alerts will be sent to you based upon the email frequency you select for a period of 6 months.
    8) You can add or change your alert criteria at any point.

  • How do I register?

    Please see our website:


  • I’m looking to help promote my Student’s Union / Student Associations to prospective candidates/employee’s on the site – how can I do this?

    You can do this by asking your staff to help tell their story in the blog or via the career pathways map. Staff in your Student’s Union / Student Associations can write a piece detailing their journey/route to get to where they are today, and help you attract other people to the movement.

    Guidance on writing a piece for the blog can be found here, and guidance for writing a piece for the career pathways map can be found below: Blog Questions Career Pathways Questions

  • As a union we are a registered charity, do we need to pay VAT on our recruitment posts?

    No, charities are given relief from paying VAT on all types of paid-for advertisements, including staff recruitment. Please send proof of charity status in the form of charity number and NUS can amend their records.

  • When should I expect invoices for the jobs posted during the month?

    Invoices are produced by our Finance team the second week of every month. Invoices will be sent to the contact that you appointed in your profile.

    If you haven’t received your invoice by the end of the second week of every month, please contact us and we will investigate this for you.

  • Can I advertise more than one role in the same job post?

    You can advertise one unique role per listing in Careers in Students’ Union website. If you are hiring multiple positions for the same unique role, you can do so using the same job advert.

    For instance, you could advertise two vacancies as a Union Development project coordinator using the same job advert. However, if you are looking to hire for two different roles, this must be submitted in two separate listings. E.g one vacancy for Union Development coordinator and one vacancy for Union Development administrator. These listings should be posted as two different job adverts.

    If you need any help with your listings, please contact us

  • Where can I see my job listings been shared?

    All job listings are shared within our jobs portal and are also promoted in our social media channels. Please see below and follow us!

    Workplace group

    Twitter Account

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