CEO Recruitment Guide

Thursday, June 1, 2023

When the Women’s CEO Community of Practice began meeting in 2022, it became clear that poor experiences in students’ union recruitment practices for CEO or senior positions were commonly shared amongst them.

The group decided that their first shared project would be a recruitment guide for those responsible for CEO recruitment in students’ unions and NUS Charity is proud to have facilitated this piece of work.

Within the guide you will find practical tips on how to conduct recruitment practices more equitably, as well as an example job description for a CEO. We ask that each students’ union takes this document to their Board to review, so that when they need it, they know of the guide and can use it to ensure that anyone applying for these roles in the future has a positive experience.


Lastly we have included a Call to Action – we will be inviting recruitment consultants who are prominent in the students’ union space to meet with us, and asking that they commit to the call to action.