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The SU Careers Blog: New function for featured job adverts

When it comes to advertising with SU.Careers, being a member of NUS Charity has many perks (advertising trustee vacancies for free, discounted pricing for standard job listings, and the opportunity to ‘feature’ your job advert so it appears at the top of our website!).

We are  re-introducing the SU Careers Blog, a function now available for all those students’ unions/associations that decide to ‘feature’ their job listing (for free!). The SU Careers Blog will allow your union/association to share highlights of your work, showcase how amazing you are and why your union is a great place to work.

At Students’ Unions/Associations we do professional different, using The SU Careers Blog to communicate this to your potential candidates. Attract great people to your team and share good practices among the movement.

Writing a blog post for the first time can feel a bit daunting, so we have put together a guide that you can follow to create your first blog post. Please download the SU Careers Guideline here.  As a member, you also have access to great HR resources. Please visit the HR Hub at NUS Connect, where you can find contract templates, recruitment guidance, the employee branding toolkit and much more!

After you have drafted your blog post, please send this to us at [email protected]. We will review this and submit to the website for everyone to see how fantastic your students’ union/association is.

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