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Tell us your story – How did you get here?

Since the start of high school I had a desire to study abroad in English. The United Kingdom was an obvious choice; enabling me to fulfil my wishes and allowing me to master the language. I have chosen to follow my high school friend and applied to Aberystwyth University located in a small seaside town. Three years flew by and after a couple of work placements I was headhunted to Union’s marketing department and have not looked back. I have not yet mastered the language, although I am not far off as my friends say. What I did find was not colleagues but friends, not a town but a community and not only a house but a real home.


What does your role involve?

With the support of the Union family, I organize large-scale annually recurring daytime events such as Freshers’ Fairs where students can get tons of freebies, local info and which is the best way to find friends and passion amongst Union’s clubs and societies.

Other events include Refreshers’ Fair, which is very similar to the Freshers’ Fair, a Part-time Jobs and Volunteering Fair where students can find work and engage the community and the Housing Fair offering a maximum amount of housing choices and tons of free, independent advice in one place.

I also bring students and commercial clients together for student fun and engagement and a bit of extra income; recently Amazon brought a 10 sqm track with electric RC cars promoting the Grand Tour – it was a blast!


What’s the best thing about it?

My role gives me the ability to capitalize on my business education and utilize that pragmatic skill set for the benefit of the student community.


What’s the most helpful piece of learning you have picked up along the way?

With lots of work you can change yourself and with lots of friends you can change the world.

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