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  • I’m a students’ union looking to recruit, how do I advertise a vacancy?

    Any NUS-affiliated students’ union can advertise a vacancy on this website. You must first set up a union profile by clicking ‘register’ on the homepage banner and selecting employer. Your union profile is your chance to communicate to potential candidates why they would want to work as part of your team. After setting up your union profile you can then add vacancies which are automatically linked to your profile.

  • Can I set an expiry date for job adverts?

    When you post a job advert you do not need to set an expiry date. Your advert is valid for 1 month from when it gets approved. If you fill the vacancy in that period then you can go to My Account > Dashboard and mark the job as filled.

    If you need to set an expiry date for your job then please put the date in the summary and when we approve the job advert we will set your expiry date in the system.

    We are investigating adding the ability for you to set your own dates instead of the default 1 month expiry.

  • I've posted a job but did not submit the job, where is it?

    When you post a job you need to submit the job for approval. If you close your browser when you are previewing the job you won’t be able to retrieve the job advert. Once you have submitted your job and we have approved the job you can edit or delete the job via your dashboard.

  • Can a Union have more than one account to post jobs?

    No, each union can have one account to manage the Union profile and post jobs. You may want to set up a shared generic email address like jobs@ or recruitment@ if more than one person needs to post jobs and manage the account.

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