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What’s your role?

As Marketing Team Supervisor I am responsible and accountable for leading on projects for the marketing team, as well as managing individuals workloads. I am constantly developing strategy and processes to ensure the different strands of our Student Union / Student Associations compliment rather than conflict each other. As well as this I’m responsible for the collating, producing and analysis of statistical info which helps us better inform our marketing throughout the academic year.


What does it involve?
A huge part of my role is to continually sustain open lines of communication between myself and the Director of Marketing to ensure they’re updated on projects and the team’s workload. Whilst I don’t line manage any of the full time members of the Marketing Team I do support the team and act as the lead contact for new work requests. I manage projects and delegate tasks whilst ensuring all strands of our brand are aligned with each other.


What’s the best thing about it?

No two days are ever the same, one day I’ll be supporting members of the team with their workload and the next I’ll be developing marketing strategy for a Student Officer campaign. Managing a group of people is great, I’m very sociable and a real people person; I find this role is a great ‘stepping stone’ for someone who is looking to develop and eventually line manage others.


How did you get here?
After a couple of years of working in low level marketing roles I was really keen to develop so enrolled myself for an MSc in Digital Marketing. Whilst studying I secured myself a part time intern position as Marketing Assistant at Liverpool Guild of Students. After a year I was made a Marketing Coordinator and another year on from that I was promoted into Marketing Team Supervisor to oversee the workload of the team whilst our manager was on maternity leave.


What’s was the most helpful piece of learning you picked up along the way?

  • Be yourself, nobody else can be you and that’s what makes you different from everyone else.
  • You’re not expected to know everything and there is ALWAYS something to learn from everyone you meet.
  • Constantly be in a state of learning and developing- I am always out and about at marketing networking groups and have a useful group of contacts within and outside of the movement who I can rely on for advice on best practice.



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