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What does your role involve?
I oversee 3 departments: Advice, Activities and Voice. Sadly this used to include sports but this has since moved over to the University.

We are fortunate enough to deliver immigration advice within our Centre. Activities consists of volunteering, societies, peer mentoring, sports administration. Voice is everything to do with democracy and representation.

What’s the best thing about it?
Although I don’t engage with students as much as I used to I love my job. It’s now more about supporting the staff to get the best out of them to enable them to get the best out of the students.

I like that no two days are the same. I like that I’m challenged by students and staff to be better – which in turns makes them better.

I LOVE empowering students and staff and helping them achieve their potential.

How did you get here?
It took a long time! I didn’t want to go to University but once there it was my Students’ Union / Student Association (Sheffield Hallam) that got me through my degree. After that I become an elected Officer and my career within the student movement started. I then worked in an FE SU / Student Association before moving back to Hallam and then De Montfort. I worked my way up from Democracy and Representation Co-ordinator

What’s was the most helpful piece of learning you picked up along the way?
Be yourself… and believe in yourself!
I’ve often struggled to delegate; I tell myself that in order to grow you’ve got to let go of certain things and trust that others will undertake the roles, maybe not to the standards that you’d do it but it’s your role to support them and enable them to grow.

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